Al Reaaya Association is one the of Islamic Welfare Associations, a charitable non-governmental association that has been active in charity and relief works for the past 33 years. Established in 1985, Al Reaaya’s prime mission was taking care of the orphans’ families, handicapped, poor families and hardship cases. Throughout the years, Al Reaaya has cooperated with various civil associations, concerned with relief, care and sustainable developmental activities.



  • Support families of orphans, handicapped and people with special needs.
  • Help local community in mitigating social difficulties and cooperating with various civil associations in the fields of relief, care and sustainable development.
  • Address the addiction issues.
  • Provide social, educational and vocational welfare to the above-mentioned cases.
  • Launch social centers, educational and instructional institutes and vocational schools in order to serve the above-mentioned cases.



Throughout the years, the mandate and intervention sectors in which AlReaaya operates have become:

Child Protection: since inception, AlReaaya has supported 47,200 orphans.

Education: through securing scholarships, enrollment in schools and vocational education

Food security: through offering food parcels, Iftar, Qurbani program

WASH: water reservoirs, minor infrastructure, distribution of Hygiene kits.

Shelter: Rehabilitating and equipping shelters for the Syrian refugee families

Basic In-kind Assistance: mattresses, blankets, clothing, heating oil, refrigerators,

Emergency Relief: major disasters and crisis in Lebanon.

Infrastructure development: schools, dispensaries, halls, mosques, sewing factory, vocational training center

Healthcare: dispensaries, mobile clinics, surgical costs for needy patients

Empowerment: microcredit loans



To be the Arab leading Wide spectrum social development work organization.


ALREAAYA thrives to present tailored humanitarian aid to support institutions, families and vulnerable individuals to enhance their positive impact on their surroundings. Our programs are implemented with national and international organizations to reach this objective in a sustainable and cooperative manner.



  • Capitalizing on AlReaaya's achievements relationship and track as a continuous improvement challenge.
  • Supporting, assisting and empowering the poorest and neediest categories through humanitarian projects and responding quickly to emergency.
  • Tackle poverty and its causes by developing innovative developmental and sustainable projects.
  • To break up into production and investment expansion.
  • To maintain first quality rank in AW.
  • To be first Arab NGO model.
  • Bring humanity closer together.
  • Empower in need categories through inclusive projects.
  • Enable individuals and their communities to live with dignity by supporting initiatives that promote economic and social justice.
  • AlReaaya goes the extra mile of execution of social activities and projects, to reinforce its presence and image.



  • Initiative and Sensitivity to others' needs and hard conditions.
  • Transparency, accountability, custodianship, commitment, and integrity in our work.
  • Excellence, professionalism and innovation in everything we do.
  • Broad care, compassion, sincerity, and equality in serving others.
  • Organizing, planning, institutional, HRD, responsibility efficiency, effectiveness and quality in our management.
  • Trust, respect and empowerment in dealing with others.
  • Protection and security of our donors.