The children are considered as the main losers since they are facing the risk of being illiterate. Thus, the Syrian refugees and needy families are unable to ensure their children's educational fees, and in the same time the Lebanese government is not ready to face this problem neither financially nor incorporeally. It is noteworthy that most of these families are relying on their children, who are working in the labour market, in ensuring their basic needs.

According to this aggravated condition, the more these children are deprived from receiving education, the more they will face mental growth barriers as well as losing their hope of having a good future. Therefore, AlReaaya, in partnership with other local and international organizations, have granted 650 Syrian refugee orphans during this year the chance to access formal education at private schools and directed many dropout children towards the vocational centers in order to acquire a acquiring the required skills and qualifications that suit the labour market needs.