As a result of the complicated situation among the Syrian and Lebanese students in public and privatschools as well as the high rate of illiteracy among the Palestinian students due to the deteriorated educational system in UNRWA schools, it is essential to build, equip and furnish a semi-fee KG and elementary school for the vulnerable children in Saida city and its surroundings (South Lebanon) in order to create useful members in the society and to protect them against all kinds of exploitation.

This school will be built over an area that is estimated by 6,152 m2 consisting of 3 floors (1 ground floor and 2 upper floors), as follows:

-    Ground floor area is 2,114 m2


-    First Floor area is 2,019 m2


-    Second floor area is 2,019 m2


This school will include 35 classrooms from KG1 till grade 6 by which the capacity of each class is 30 students/classroom. Therefore, this project will target

1,050 vulnerable Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese children as follows:

-    682 Syrian refugee children

-    368 Palestinian and Lebanese children


These children will be granted the chance to receive a high quality of education without paying any fees because their fees will be covered through

-     The educational sponsorship for the vulnerable children whom their families can’t afford to

cover the high tuition fees of private schools

                 -     The Orphans sponsorship program for the orphans which will be collected from the donations and sponsorships of the local and international NGOs (for ex. Qatar Charity, Muslim Hands, Human Appeal, Human Aid ….)


Due to ISWA – Lebanon wide expertise in the humanitarian and relief work for more than 30 years, it will be the sub-guarantee who will implement this project in coordination with Qatar Charity.  ISWA – Lebanon, which is a member of the Union of Relief and Development Associations, has worked before with the Syrian refugee children who faced educational difficulties in public schools due to the difficulty of Lebanese curriculum through building a private school in Saida city (South Lebanon) called “Insani High School”.  This school has been built in partnership with Qatar Charity, offering high quality of formal education for more than 3 consecutive years for around 450 Syrian refugee children; however, this school has been closed when the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon decided to engage all the Syrian children in public schools for free. Then, ISWA decided to transform this school into a gathering center for the orphans settling in Saida city and its surroundings. So that, this building is no longer could be used as a school.

ISWA – Lebanon has implemented various kinds of educational projects targeting the most marginalized groups in the society since its establishment. Based on its expertise and its highly qualified field staff, this organization will be the sub-guarantee who will execute this project.







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