AlRahma Training Vocational Centre for Girls



Al Rahma Vocational Training Centre is a social centre that has been founded in 2003 to carry out the orphans’ activities and vocational training programs for the female category. This cen- tre is specialized in providing the females, who have been dropped out from the schools, with vocational education in order to acquire the skills that enable them to work and protect them-

selves against any kind of exploitation.




Al Rahma Centre For Social Services seeks to perform unique social and developmental


programs in order to form a creative society.





Being a social association that supports all people in the society through its developmental








- Brevet Professional:


1. Child Care (B.P1 – B.P2)


2. Accountant Assistant (B.P1 – B.P2)





- Baccalaureate Professional:


1. Nursery (B.T1 – B.T2)


2. Informatics and accoutnting(B.T1 – B.T2)





- Short - term courses:


1. Programming and typing


2. Child Care Assistant



3. Beauty Specialist



Moreover, this centre offers educational and character building programs, which aims at spreading literacy among the children who have been dropped out from the school early, de- veloping the students’ personalities and stabilizing their skills.



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